Our goal for New England, here at Automotive Innovations of Bridgewater Massachusetts, is to provide access to the best sales, service and repair of all the leading handicapped mobility vehicles. We install hand controls and other assistive devices.

More to follow!

We provide a full line of the products and we have a team of certified mobility consultants who are always ready to help you learn about the benefits and features of full-size handicap vans new and used wheelchair vehicles break on lifts and more.

Our hand control installations are second to none. We have a fully equipped machine shop with equipment like lathes, milling machines and press breaks. We don’t just mount hand controls with hose clamps like the other guys, we fabricate custom brackets for each application and take the time necessary for a quality installation that will outlast the vehicle. We guarantee our installations. If you ever feel there is something wrong with your hand controls even if we didn’t install them please come in for a free inspection by a certified mobility craftsman. We have more money invested in one piece of shop equipment than most shops have in all their tools combined we have individual craftsman with more experience than the technician combined at other local mobility dealers with the better equipped shop and a higher attention to detail. I doubt you could get a higher quality installation anywhere in the New England area.

Automotive Innovations imagine the possibilities,